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How to Save on Electric & Natural Gas Bills? Easy.

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Electric and Natural Gas Savings through reduced rates in three easy steps! All at NO COST!!!

Think or see guaranteed (fixed) rates for top energy suppliers in your area.
Switch to your new plan with our easy, hassle-free sign-up, get e-notified when it kicks in.
Start saving today! Up to 20% off your current electricity or gas rate — in a few clicks. Yes, really.

If you're a perfectly average U.S. residence* using 12,000 to 15,000 kWh of electricity/year... by switching your supply rate from a 9 cent per kWh in 2017, for example, to 7 cents, you'll cut your annual bill by $240 to $300 a year!! It's all relative and better to keep the money in your pocket than to give it to the utility. Of course the more you use, the bigger the savings..

Welcome to!

Welcome to ! We are proud to announce our company has officially implemented the most sophisticated and accurate Electricity and Natural Gas shopping software in the country! As a family owned business ourselves, we are dedicated to providing other families with a trustworthy, honest service by offering savings on their energy bills for both their homes and businesses alike! Bob has been in the energy industry for over 20 years and prides himself in only partnering with reputable suppliers who can uphold our company standards and only offer low, competitive rates! Even so, we proudly offer rates from over 70 suppliers in all 19 deregulated states nationwide! Choosing savings with one of our trusted suppliers takes no longer than 5 minutes! All you have to do is put in your zip code and hit GET RATES NOW!

If you’d like assistance in choosing your energy supplier, feel free to contact one of our Energy Service Professionals by calling 1-866-433-1384 and we would be happy to help you maximize your savings! Thank You for choosing EnergyBob!

About Us

Bob Kleebauer, the owner and CEO of It’s Electric & Water Inc. and founder of, has been in the Energy industry for over 20 years! In 2009, Bob sought out to make sure energy consumers would no longer be victims of high utility rates and third-party supplier scams. Using his expertise in energy consulting, Bob works with both commercial and residential customers to help them maximize their money-saving potential on their electric and natural gas bills! His combined experience, dedication to honest business, and utilization of proprietary rate-shopping software makes him the man to beat in the industry!

Electric & Natural Gas Bills, Explained

Find your existing energy supply rate on a recent bill, to the left of your "Generation Charge" or "Supplier Charge" (they're the same thing).

Deregulation is the removal of regulations that govern an industry such as Utility companies. This eliminates the monopoly of pricing and supply and allows for retail rate competition amongst suppliers. This allows the consumer to shop supply rates and terms for the electricity and natural gas that is delivered to their home or business without changing utility companies! .

Customer Service Charge- Stays the same
Distribution Charges-Stay the same
Supply or generation charges- This is what changes to your new rate you signed up for.
Note: Some utilities line item Transmission charges on an electric bill, you will no longer see those charges with your supplier as transmission charges are included in your rate that you signed up for.
On the utility bill you currently receive:
Note* Florida Natural Gas customers may be separately billed by the 3rd party supplier

No you cannot. I say this to all potential customers, the only way you will ever do without electricity or gas is if you don’t pay your bill and the utility cuts you off. That’s it.

No, your delivery rates are set by your states PSC/PUC and cannot randomly be changed. They must remain the same for each person under your rate schedule regardless of your supplier.

Each market is different, so there's no clear answer to that, however, you will receive a letter from your utility confirming the switch and at what date it will happen. It's all seamless to you, and there is NEVER an interruption in service.

You will receive six, three, and 1-month notifications by email of your plan expiring. If new offers and better rates are available, a link will be provided to you at each of these time frames before your plan ends. You can always renew your existing plan at no cost. gives you choices, and we will always get you the best energy rate available!

Quite simple, our President & CEO Bob Kleebauer will not put his name on any service unless it is thee best. That's why our Motto is "Honesty + Integrity=Trust, let us earn yours" 2 Decades of service in the energy industry has served Bob well, he himself has operated under this motto for that period of time, and for that reason only, Bob will put his name on it.

If you live in a state where energy's deregulated, you may be able to save considerably on your current bill by switching your electricity and natural gas suppliers. This depends on your state and local utility.

By showing you the best energy rates in your area all at once, the Energy Bob platform acts as a marketplace where each supplier competes to win your business. We also work hand-in-hand with our partners to offer special online rates — lower than you'll find elsewhere.

Yes, you can switch securely online — at your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone — in 5 minutes or less with a copy of your current bill! No paper forms to fill out, no mailing necessary.

There's no interruption in your service, no switch fee, and you'll get the same bill from your local utility. For commercial businesses (those with an energy bill over $10K/month): you can start the switch process by clicking on commercial link at top of the page, put in your zip code and fill out the form. A dedicated sales rep will follow up directly.

Switch time varies for each utility company and can take a few weeks from the time you enrolled for an actual switch to happen.

Once you complete the sign-up process and receive a confirmation email with the details of your plan (rate/plan duration/supplier), just: 1) save the confirmation email for your records, and 2) look for the switch to be reflected on your next utility bill.

To renew your Energy Bob plan, it's just as easy: we'll send e-reminders to the email address we have on file 6 months, 3 months, and 1 month prior to your contract expiration date with a link that shows you new options to renew with the best offers at the time. When your plan ends, you can also simply renew at the same terms — no sign-up required.

NOTE: If you opt to switch plans, just be sure to set your new start date the day after your previous plan's end date. Otherwise, your existing plan is set to renew on that date instead.

Moving's a pain — we hear you. The last thing you want to think about when moving to a new residence or business location is switching service/mailing addresses.

Don't worry: if you change your address, your current contract simply cancels out, and you can go back to to shop for the best offers for your new address. You'll then start a completely new contract. For plans with cancellation fees listed, these apply only in "early termination" situations where the service is actively cancelled before the end of a contract term.

What People Are Saying...

It was unimaginably easy to save 30% on my electricity and natural gas bills. Couldn't get any better.
~ Manager, Eagle Electronics
Energy Bob is easy to navigate and the rates are much lower than what we used to pay.
~ D. Kraus, Columbus, OH
The process was seamless. I liked it a lot, plus I am saving a lot of money in the long run.
~ Koorosh, Wedding Bands & Co.

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